Boule de Neige école française

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Club de Violon/Violin Club

Violin Club Agreement between ‘Boule de Neige’ French School and the Violin Student

Our Violin Club and our Team Spirit.
Our fees are very low because we are a non-profit school.
But we will not survive if members fail to pay us for the violin hire and for the teacher.
That's why any student must engage to pay the lessons and attend them at the days and times initially planned.
If you would like to be part of our violin club, please, read and understand the conditions of use below:
- Fees must be paid ON TIME, that is, at least two weeks before the start of the first lesson or continuation of the lessons. Anyone failing to pay the fees on time will be due to a penalty of £5 for each late day.
- If a student changes his/her decision, the fees paid will not be refunded, and will still be due to be paid in totality.
- In case of a student being absent to a lesson for any reason, the price of the lesson will not be refunded.
- For those who don't have a violin, we can provide one, but it has to be returned in perfect conditions and on the time agreed. A late penalty fee of £10 per day will be applicable in case the student does not return it on time. A deposit of £60 will be payable along with the rent.
- If any damage is done to the violin, the student shall either pay a specialist to repair it (as recommended by Boule de Neige) or ask for a new violin to our Organisation, in which case the deposit will be kept and an another one will be needed for the new issued violin.
- Any minor damage to the box or to any accessories, any missing part will need to be compensated by a penalty of £30.
- Any damaged strings will have to be replaced by the student.

This contract is amendable at any time, in which case, the student will have to sign it again.
I confirm that I have read and accept the conditions of "Boule de Neige" Violin club which are stated above.
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